Client: Logitech
Agency: York&Chapel
Software: Boords,, Asana, and Instagantt
Role: Project Manager
Animators: Animagic Studio
Sound: Brent Belke

Our longtime client Logitech needed our help creating a video for the launch of a new product, the “Rally” Camera, a technologically advanced camera system that would take the guesswork out of video conferencing. The client wanted to highlight the camera’s advanced capabilities, the RightSense features, which self-adapted to varying light and noise levels, regardless of venue size, to deliver images in crisp 4K resolution. The intention was for the video to help establish Logitech as the go-to solution for advanced video conferencing.


Our concept was to illustrate the Rally system’s adaptability for meetings in large or small conference areas, showcasing its ability to adapt to the needs of the customers through the RightSense technology that automatically focuses, zooms and adjusts sound levels as needed per venue—a truly “smart” product.


As a Director, I had the challenge of creating an animated style that blended seamlessly with the brand’s established visual imagery. I used the color palette associated with the brand to craft compatible animated shots to emphasize particular points in the narration, and capture the audience’s attention. I supervised the animation team to maintain consistency of style and color, setting up assets to achieve a cohesive look.


I worked closely with the client to receive feedback and adjust production elements as needed. This resulted in a more cohesive and faster interaction that made the deliverable a success. Staying connected, we were able to:

– Align due dates to maintain the necessary schedule,

– Establish the specific features of diverse characters,

– Realize appropriate set design to highlight RealSense features,

– Animate transitions and graphics,

– And project the overall visual feel to precisely reflect the client’s wishes.

That we were able to craft an animated style that complemented the brand’s established visual imagery made the video a genuine success and pleased the client tremendously. Logitech even incorporated the work of our Art Director into their branded video guidelines and internal deck related to the project, underscoring the benefit of our creative relationship.