Vector bulb

Design Illustration

My favourite way of telling a story is through design. When I pick up my pen and let my hand go free, I lose myself in a world of shapes, textures, and lines that form the illustration.

I am often influenced by the concept of using light sources and shadows as the main axis of the illustration and it’s as if I can feel the mood of the scene.

I mostly work with 2D vector graphic style by using Adobe illustrator, recently start adding Adobe Photoshop and Procreate as part of my process for design.

What started as a hobby has turned into my preferred way of transforming a concept into visuals. You never know..maybe one day I’ll explore the world of 3D illustrations.

Vector Monitor

Motion Graphic Animation

I am a strong believer that a good visual composition captures a viewer’s attention, tells them where to look, and communicates ideas and feelings. As we know, people may forget what you said but will remember how you made them feel.
As a good observer, picking up details and understanding the physics behind the illusion of animation is what I am constantly improving. My experience with 2D explainer videos opened up more doors for me in areas like creative ads and social media.
The majority of the time I’ve worked with Adobe After Effects, I also use Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, and Cinema 4D as my secondary supporting tools. Even though I’ve only had little experience with 2D character rigging, my everyday experience is what keeps me in touch with animation.

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