Jenjen Chen


Meet Jenjen, a creative producer and director based in Vancouver, Canada. With her expertise in digital design and motion graphics, she collaborates with marketers, corporations, and creative agencies to bring their vision to life.

Jenjen is not your average producer; she's a friendly and approachable person who loves to ask questions and is always looking to improve. She communicates effectively and values respectful relationships with her clients, which motivates her to go the extra mile.

With her mad management skills, Jenjen can organize anything from the colors of her closet to the length of her dog’s whisker. 

When she's not creating stunning visuals, you'll find her doting on her two furry friends or caring for her beloved plants and fish. A quiet night in, snuggled up with Netflix or a good book, is the perfect way to unwind.

Join Jenjen on her creative journey and let her bring your ideas to life with her unique touch!


A straightforward way to visualize products and services that meet your audience's needs.

Motion Graphic & Animation

Versatile style approach through 2D , 3D, VFX and traditional frame-by-frame animation. 

Graphic Packages

Design visual graphics such as titles, bumper, and lower third for video production and conference events.

Content Marketing 

Based on an established content strategy, we work with you to develop creative material for publishing and distribution.

UI Animation

Adding motion to UI elements in order to enhance a product’s interactivity.


Digital illustration from website, animation and brand representations.