Jenjen Chen


Hello humans,

I’ve love spending my free time with my supportive partner—or pursuing adventures with a dog who loves the outdoors. At the end, I’m still that little girl at heart—happily so—eyeing walls that need an imaginative touch, a drawing to change the ordinary into the exceptional.

If you see me sizing up a creative project, make sure to say “hello.”


Managing comes naturally to me, as I like to keep things in order and be proactive about it.

When projects get larger, I start pulling some of the best talented folks around to collectivity pool our creative juices together. I find value in my relationships with others and strive to have mutual respect, clear communication and a positive mindset.

The use of different software and services such as, Milanote, Teamgannt, Basecamp and Slack, helps the production process run smoothly.

Design & Illustration

I lose myself in a world of shapes, textures, and lines that form illustrations. I'm often influenced by the concept of using light sources and shadows to create the mood of any scene.

My work mostly consists of 2D vector graphic style, created using various Adobe Creative Suite softwares, while using other mediums such as Procreate or hand-drawing, as part of my design process.

What started as a hobby has turned into my preferred way of transforming a concept into visuals.

Motion Animation

The first step in the animation process is always with a storyboard. The challenge is working with the messaging and to push the animation's visual coherence.

This always excites me about any new project. Adobe After Effects is the tool of choice to create visually rich stories, no matter what the subject is.

My experience with 2D explainer videos has opened up more doors for me in areas such as, social media advertising and graphic packaging.