Ending The Silence

National Alliance on Mental

NAMI set out to raise awareness and provide information for individuals that feel alone and are seeking help with mental health. With the NAMI website, it allowed a space for them to share people's personal stories, provide ways to reach out for assistance and to encourage people to speak up.

Full Video - https://ets.nami.org

Video production

Little Dot Studio

video Design

Jenjen Chen

Website Design

Jenjen Chen,
Jason Chau


Jenjen Chen,
Alex Ledesma


We wanted to convey a feeling of youth and positivity with elements that "pop" to the viewers, especially regarding the heavy subject matter at hand.

Old-school MTV styles were an inspiration for the overall project.


Light of Hope's meaning was used to drive the direction for the design. With darker backgrounds representing the heavier subject matter and bright, saturated gradients representing hopefulness.


At least 50 customized graphics were created to express emotions and topics to support the content of the videos. We opted for a simple, organic design, all animated in After Effects in MOGRT format to give the editors the flexibility to use in any application.

Website Layout & Design

NAMI loved the design so much that they wanted to have their official Ending the Silence website to be designed with the same theme. Light and dark versions were explored, with the dark version being chosen as it complimented the content better.

The main challenge was to create a layout that allowed their content to be shown in a digestible manner. By using spacing, supportive images and adding customized illustrations, we were able to create something that paired nicely together.