Client: iHealth Culturelle
: Illustrator, After Effects
: Animator

Culturelle needed a series of videos to help them stand out from a cluttered crowd of products, and educate consumers as to the ability of Culturelle’s products to treat the significant problems associated with digestive distress. The first video, which I worked on as lead animator, was to address the “Digestive Health” benefits of Culturelle’s Probiotics—the answer to the needs of those suffering from chronic gas, bloating and diarrhea.


I led my team on the concept of casting Culturelle’s Probiotics as super heroes in the fight against gastric difficulties. Our caped capsule of probiotics joins hands with a consumer and soars above the problems she’s encountered, while detailing Culturelle’s ingredients and benefits. Culturelle saves the day!


As animation lead, I led my team on frame-by-frame drawings of 3D references that blended with 2D animation and created smooth transitions among multiple scenes. I highlighted the Culturelle packaging center-frame, and used the brand’s established colors to highlight the characters and backgrounds for continuity.


Coordinating with the Art Director and client, I was able to:

– Blend complex animation with simple graphics to drive the narrative,

– Capture the unique tone of the brand’s visual assets,

– Create relatable characters the target audience could identify with,

– And deliver a cohesive animated video that answered the client’s needs.


Our success was demonstrated by the reception we received from the client. Our video has given Culturelle a key tool to capture the eye of consumers, and deliver the message of the company’s marketing strategy—that their product treats digestive maladies safely and effectively. I’m proud of the work my team and I put in to create this effective asset for the company’s messaging outreach.